So many people love Japanese kanji shirts! But it’s tough for foreigners to figure out what the kanji means when they find one on the shirt.

No worries! KansaiChick is here for help!(*’▽’)☆

What does my kanji shirt say? I want to make sure it doesn’t say anything negative.

meaning of kanji on the shirt

OK, leave it to me!(*´▽`*)

I see “桃”,”JUICE”, and “フレッシュフルーツジュ(ース)”.

桃(momo) means “Peach”! As the illustration shows, 桃 JUICE is “Peach Juice”.

フレッシュフルーツジュース(huressyu huruutsu juusu) is actually “English” words written in Japanese Katakana script. The Japanese way to pronounce the words may make you confused, but this Katakana words are “Fresh Fruits Juice”.

Good news! There are no negative words!

Well, I don’t know why this Peach Juice shirt got created though. (@_@;)

Anyway, thanks again! Enjoy your kanji shirt!


Today’s Kanji Shirt is “Peace”! Change one letter in English to make the word “Peach”. lol

If you want to know the meanings of any Japanese kanji that you don’t see English subs for in a particular animation or live action movie, tell me “Name of the Show”, “Season and Episode #” and “the Exact Moment (Minute: Second) if it’s available”!

If it’s just Japanese kanji that you see around you, like a shop sign or a tattoo, you can send me the photo as long as you are allowed to take picture of it.

I can’t promise to reply to everyone but I’ll try my best!

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