Charmy is a cute little girl who uses the Cotton Creation Magic for the popular Anime “Black Clover”. She’s constantly eating food and I’ve never seen her fighting seriously until this episode!

Japanese kanji joke in anime

In the episode 45, Charmy used her powerful magic to save her FOOD!! Then I found a Japanese kanji joke in her attack, and want to share with you!

Hidden Japanese Kanji Joke in Black Clover

Charmy used her strong magic “Sleeping Sheep’s One Hit”. She create huge sheep and it hit the enemy. 一撃 (ichi-geki) means “One Hit”. But there is more.

Japanese kanji joke in anime

Usually Japanese people use this word “一撃” to describe “the strong attack which finishes something with only one hit”. So, second hit coming is already too much and it’s funny.

I’ve never heard the word “二撃 (nigeki)” but I could understand instantly that means “Two Hit (Second Hit)”. Because the kanji 一 is one, and 二 means two.

Japanese kanji joke in anime

However, the last one is even funnier and trickier!

Let’s count in Japanese! It sounds like “Ichi (1), ni (2), san (3), shi (4)…”. We heard Charmy said “Ichi-geki”, “Ni-geki” and she would say “San-geki” next. And she did it! Yes, it suppose to mean “Three Hit (Third Hit 三撃)” but the kanji was totally different from it!

Japanese kanji joke in anime

惨劇…!?  ((((‘Д’ )

The kanji word 惨劇 (sangeki) sounds same as 三撃 but it means “(Bloody Horrifying) Tragedy“! …Yup, it’s for the dying enemy who took the crazy hit. Charmy has no mercy!

By the way, I saw an English subtitle says “Mega Hit” for this part to avoid confusion without details that I explained.

Japanese kanji joke in anime

Her sheep are so useful….

Today’s Kanji Shirt is “Fighting Spirit”! Yes, Charmy! Show me more your fighting skill!

Japanese Kanji Shirt

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