Season 3 of “弱虫ペダル (Yowamushi Pedal Glory Line)” is on! Are you watching it?  In the episode 7, I found one thing I should talk about.

Midousuji (御堂筋) got the second place on the Day 1 of the road race. He was pissed off about that result and he was biking like crazy in the dark to calm down himself.

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Did you notice that he was muttering something weird while he was biking alone?

“In spring, at dawn…” …Huh? What?

If you were a Japanese expert, you might have noticed that it is the parody of “The Pillow Book 枕草子 (makura-no-soushi)”.

What is “The Pillow Book”?

“The Pillow Book” is written by a Japanese famous female poet Sei-Shonagon (清少納言) in the 10th century. Yes, it is more than 1,000 years old!

However, all kids in Japan learn about the part of the poetry in the junior high school, so “The Pillow Book” is well known by the Japanese teenagers and up.

The famous part of the book starts like “in spring, the dawn is the most beautiful”. The poetry is written about what the author thinks the most beautiful in each season.

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The movie “the Pillow Book (1996)” is nothing to do with Heian era. So, if you want to learn the real 枕草子, I recommend you to find a copy of the book translated into English.

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I bet that some viewers have hard time to accept Midousuji but I kind of like him.(@_@) His monstrous personality and look are something….  He is giving a lot of character to this clean show. And also his Kyoto accent is perfectly right because the voice actor is from Kyoto.

Today’s Kanji Shirt is “Yokai”! In this situation, Midousuji needs “Certain Victory” shirt but I want him to wear this one. He he he.

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