Do you own a sword? In Japan, they need a registration provided by the government in order to own a sword that has 5.5cm or longer blade (If it’s a katana sword, 15cm blade or longer).Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ It’s shockingly strict, isn’t it? If you own a new sword, however, you can engrave whatever you want on the blade!

Today, I received a question about translation for the engraving. This is a long knife imitating a katana sword, so it’s not a katana sword technically, but I put the “katana sword” tag on this post.

I’d like to engrave “Goose Bane” in Kanji on this sword. When some wild geese settled down in my community and they started attacking people, in order to keep our community safe, my father fought them with this sword.

Your dad is a hero! Or…should I say “poor geese”?(@_@;) Well, I would fight back if I got attacked. Your dad must have had no choice.

Well, I’ve heard the word “Dragon Bane” for a game or something, so I understand what you intend to mean “Goose Bane.”

There are some options I made with reference to Japanese names of something like “Dragon Bane”. I replaced “Dragon” into “Wild Goose: 雁(gan/kari).”

  • 雁殺しの剣 (kari goroshi no ken)
  • 雁殺刀 (gan satsu tou)
  • 殺雁刀 (satsu gan tou)
  • 雁殺し (kari goroshi)

The kanji 殺 means “kill”. In case you want to avoid that negative image, I made up my original one here.

  • 滅雁刀 (metsu gan tou)

滅 includes the meaning “Destruction”, and I think it fits here ok.

By the way, if I could own a katana, I would engrave my family name. Normally we should engrave our name in our family’s native language, but you can have it in Japanese kanji if you want. You told me your family name means “Peacock”, so it would be “孔雀(kujaku)” in Japanese kanji.(*’▽’)

Thank you for the question. Please take good care of your sword!

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