Today I received a very different question from a follower.

This is my signature(artist logo) I always write on my artwork. I think it looks like a Kanji. Do you know if there is a Kanji similar to this?

Does this look like a kanji?

She explained about her logo:

The top of the image is the letter “K” for my first name, turned sideways. Underneath is the “T” from my last name. It also forms the letter “A” which represents my maiden name.

Oh, that’s awesome!(*’▽’) And…OK, I see why you think it looks like a kanji. I can show a kanji character luckily!

This Kanji Looks Similar to That Logo

If I add one line to the logo, I can see it as a kanji that I know.

Does this look like a kanji?

How about 本? The kanji 本 (hon) means “Book”. And the meanings of it also contains “origin”, “this”, “true”, and so on.

This kanji can be pronounced “moto” as well. We often see 本 in the Japanese family names.

  • 本田 (Honda)
  • 本城 (Honjou)
  • 根本 (Nemoto)
  • 坂本 (Sakamoto)

When writing kanji the direction and order of each stroke matters, Here is the proper way to to write “本”.

Thank you for your question! (*´▽`*)

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If you want to know the meanings of any Japanese kanji that you don’t see English subs for in a particular animation or live action movie, tell me “Name of the Show”, “Season and Episode #” and “the Exact Moment (Minute: Second) if it’s available”!

If it’s just Japanese kanji that you see around you, like a shop sign or a tattoo, you can send me the photo as long as you are allowed to take picture of it.

I can’t promise to reply to everyone but I’ll try my best!

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