Translating language is very tough. Even dictionaries say wrong sometimes. So, it’s tough decision to have a tattoo in foreign language.(@_@;)

I got a question from a follower like this.

I want to get the right Japanese Kanji for “arrogant god” in order to have a tattoo.  All I could really figure out so far was “傲慢な神” which google translate gave me.

OK! Hmmm, if there were a Japanese arrogant god, I could translate the word to his name or something, but I couldn’t find any. Sorry! (+_+)

Then, 傲慢な神 is the one. Good job, Google! This time, its translation is right!

  • 傲慢(gouman):Arrogance
  • 傲慢な(gouman-na):Arrogant
  • 神(kami): God

You might want to have the word “The God of Arrogance” who controls(rules) arrogance. Which one do you want to pick as the symbol of arrogance that you are imagining? Please choose whichever you think it’s right for you.(*’▽’)

  • God of Arrogance: 傲慢の神(gouman no kami), 傲慢神(gouman-shin)
  • Arrogant God: 傲慢な神(gouman-na kami)

By the way, for a tattoo, I prefer to change the “の” in Hiragana script to a “之” in kanji. For a tattoo, 傲慢之神 looks cooler than 傲慢の神 for me. In Japanese, however, I can’t change “な” to any proper kanji though….

Those words can be written vertically.

It’ll look like that.(*’▽’)/

If you really don’t like the look of Japanese hiragana script, 傲慢ナ神 might work also. ナ is な written in Japanese Katakana script. This writing style is unusual, but it’s sometimes used in titles of songs or art works.

Please find the style and nuance you like!


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