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Funny Facts about “Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun”

“Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun” is a new Japanese Anime show, and its original title is “魔入りました! 入間くん (Mairimashita! Iruma-kun)”. Did you notice there are 2 funny kanji jokes in it? Japanese Kanji Joke 1: 魔入りました(Mairimashita) The Japanese phrase “Mairimashita” has 2 meanings and both of them written this way “参りました”. came (It’s a very polite way to say “came”) surrendered (defeated and impressed by someone) The pink hair guy, Azz, uses both a lot in front of Iruma. When you see the subtitle says “I’ve slain.”, that means #2 above. However, in the title Mairimashita is spelled “魔入りました”. There is no such a Japanese phrase, but it makes sense …

meanings of kanji in anime

Meanings of Kanji on the Katana Sword 2

Hello again Kanji Fans! I received another interesting question from a follower! It’s about a Samurai sword! I bought this short sword and I see some letters on the blade. What do they mean?  Woooo, you got a fancy one. According to the ratio, I can tell it’s a Tantou (短刀). Tantou is a short katana sword with the less than 30 cm (about 1 foot) blade. In Japan, Katana swords bust be sold with a certificate describing what it is. But the owner says this one came with nothing. Let me take a close look. (@_@) Wow, to be honest, I have no idea what it says. I can’t …

meanings of kanji on katana sword

What Does This Japanese Kanji on My Shirt Mean?

I love Japanese kanji shirts! It’s so hard to find what I like though. Well, that’s why I’m making my own. Today, I’ll answer to a question from a kanji shirt owner! What does this kanji mean? It’s on my shirt. Thank you for the question and photo! Yes! I can read it “一匹狼 (Ippiki-ookami)”. It’s a Japanese idiom. People usually translate this “Lone Wolf”. The first kanji “一” means “One”. The second one “匹” is the one of special letters to count creature. Then, the 3rd kanji “狼” is “Wolf”. Wolves usually act in groups, and they are stronger that way. So, we call the strong person who doesn’t …

kanji meanings

Meaning of The Kanji Name: Kirishima Eijirou “My Hero Academia”

Hey, My Hero Season 4 is about to begin! (*’▽’)☆ And I got a question from a follower about another character’s name! I think people are getting excited about the new season. I haven’t received a question about this show for awhile. Please explain the meanings of Kanji name “Eijiro(Eijirou) Kirishima” in My Hero. Thank you for asking! (*´▽`*)/ Yay, Kirishima is the kanji fan! lol Japanese Kanji in Kirishima’s Room for “My Hero Academia” The Quirk in the Kanji Name “Eijiro Kirishima” Kirishima is a very natural Japanese family name. It exists in real life! (not like “Bakugou”. lol) However, the real Kirishima is spelled like these in Japanese …

meanings of kanji name in Anime

The Japanese Kanji on the forehead of Aggretsuko

Aggretsuko is a Japanese anime show based on the character from Sanrio that is known for “Hello Kitty” and things. It’s available on Netflix! Japanese title is アグレッシブ烈子 which means “Aggressive Retsuko”. The main character Retsuko is a red panda who is working at an office. She is a cute ordinally girl but the “typical” stressful work/life environment drives her crazy. To kill her stress, she goes to Karaoke by herself and sing death metal…like this. lol Meaning of Kanji on the Forehead of “Aggretsuko” As you can see, one Japanese Kanji appears on her forehead when she sings. Japanese people are very used to see a Kanji on forehead …

Meanings of Kanji on Souvenir Short Kimono

Hello Kanji Fans! Today, I want to share an interesting question from a follower! Have you ever seen this short kimono? I heard this kanji says “No 1” but what does that mean? It’s a very popular souvenir from Japan and Japanese people call this kind of short kimono “happi (半被)” or “hanten (半纏)” depending on its shape. So, why does it say “一番”?? Actually, this design is based on Firefighters culture in Edo era!  KansaiChick is here for help. (*’▽’)/ That Kanji on the Souvenir Kimono As this follower heard from somebody, it says “一番 (ichiban)” which means “No.1” or “First”. The top character “一 (ichi)” is “One”. And …

kanji on the short kimono souvenir from Japan

New Japanese Kanji Shirt Ranking Results 8

New Japanese Kanji Shirt Poll #8: May.1-June.30, 2019  The No.1 popular kanji in this time is “猫派 (Cat Person)”! Thank you very much to all the voters! The Cat Person shaked off Kaiju to sit the throne. That means it will be added to the KansaiChick Japanese Kanji Shirt Collection!  Meow! (ΦωΦ) And The No.2 goes to “怪獣 (Kaiju)“! Let’s see Kaiju can get the top of next poll! Kaiju is in this poll for a kind of long time but I see there are definitely Kaiju fans! Hang on! The No. 3 is “犬派 (Dog Person)“. And again, originally I was planning to count the TOTAL of “猫派 (Cat …

New kanji shirt poll result

What are the common sounds in the end of Japanese first names?

Do you want to give your avatar a Japanese name? How do you know what name is natural in Japanese?? This info might help you! (*´▽`*)/ What sounds are common at the end of Japanese boy’s and girl’s names?   Thank you for the question…! Yes. There are common 止め字 (tomeji: End Character) for Japanese name. And they tend to differ by boy’s names and girl’s names. (Unisex names exist but there are not many: Akira, Makoto, etc. They don’t have common tomeji. Basically we would have to accept and memorise that “Oh, this name could be unisex!”, whenever we met the person who has the unisex name.) Common Sounds of …

Which kanji of “Katsuki” should I choose?

Japanese people usually give their babies Kanji names. They think about the child and his or her future and choose Kanji carefully. Even several Kanji that can be pronounced the exactly same, every single Kanji contains different meanings. Today, I’d like to share an interesting question from a follower. (*’▽’)/   Which kanji of “Katsuki” gives it the meaning “Victory”? I see. She or he wants to have a handle name “Katsuki” in Knaji. OK, I can help! Which kanji does mean “Victory”? Victory is “勝利 (shouri)” in Japanese kanji idiom. You also can pronounce this word as Japanese boy’s name “勝利 (Katsutoshi)”. However, the name “Katsuki” has already picked. Well, …

Meanings of Kanji on the Katana Sword

Hello Kanji Fans! Today, I want to share a very interesting question from a follower! It’s a historian’s job! I bought this sword and I see some kanji on the blade. What does it mean?  Wow, you got a Katana sword! Thank you for the pictures! Let me see…OK, you want to know what this means. Leave it to me! KansaiChick is here for help. (*’▽’)/ First of all, Japanese people call this 銘(mei). I think you might see something on the same spot of your kitchen knife. Today some makers engrave or print their brand name and stuff there. Ancient Japanese blacksmiths did that too. Let’s see what this one …

meanings of kanji on Katana sword
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