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Meaning of the Kanji Tattoo in Ep: 281 “Fairy Tail”

Do you want to get a kanji tattoo? It’s cool! But be careful! I see so many Kanji Tattoo sample pictures online and sadly most of them are wrong. Well, today, I’ll answer the question from a follower! It’s about a Japanese kanji tattoo on an Anime character’s head. Thank you for being patient! What does this Kanji Tattoo mean? He is a bad guy in Ep.281 of “Fairy Tale”. Thank you for the question! And I appreciate the pictures so much! They make my job way easier.(*´Д`)v Meaning of the Kanji Tattoo in “Fairy Tail” OK. Natsu, Lucy, and Happy got captured and they are in the prison. Here …

New Japanese Kanji Shirt Poll Results 6

New Japanese Kanji Shirt Poll #6: Jan.1-Feb.28, 2019  The No.1 popular kanji in this time is “無敵 (Invincible)”! Whew, thank goodness. Finally it got the top after 3 times of being stuck in the Number 2 slot. Now it will come out in the KansaiChick Japanese Kanji Shirt Collection!  I will count the TOTAL as one set of designs. The No.2 goes to “大胆不敵 (Fearless)”. And the No. 3 is “怪獣 (Kaiju)”. They were the No. 3 and 4 last time. Do you think one of them will win in the next poll?? Then, the No.4 is “猫派 (Cat Person)”! Wow, the new choice, that had just added, jumped up this …

New kanji shirt poll result

Differences between Names in Different Japanese Scripts

If you watch Japanese shows, you may notice there are 3 scripts in the Japanese language. Even some character names sound exactly the same, some are written in Kanji, and other are written in Hiragana or Katakana. Why?? If you have ever had questioned that, you are not the only one! I received that question from a follower! What’s the differences between Kanji and Hiragana(or Katakana) names? OK! Let me explain about the basic idea! (*’▽’)/ Differences between Names in Different Japanese Scripts Kanji (漢字) Names Kanji came originally from China. Chinese, Korean, and Japanese people usually never understand each others languages at all, but they use some of same …

Meanings of Japanese Names in “Assassination Classroom”

“Assassination Classroom” (暗殺教室) is one of my favorite Anime shows! This is not a show that is talking about super powers, and almost all characters have “regular” names that could exist in real life. Today, I’ll answer the question from a follower! (*´▽`*) Thank you for being patient! Could you explain the meaning for characters names in “Assassination Classroom”? OK! I received 4 characters’ names, here we go! Meanings of Kanji Name 潮田 渚 Nagisa Shiota 潮 (shio: Tide) 田 (ta: Rice field) 渚 (nagisa: Beach, Where the waves gather) The kanji “田” is very common in Japanese family names. Then, most importantly the first name Nagisa is usually GIRL’s …

meaning of Japanese kanji name in Anime

Japanese Kanji on the Yami’s Star Festival Outfit “Black Clover”

Hello, everyone! Long time no see…! I gotta catch up what’s going on in the world…! (@_@))) Today I will write about the Japanese kanji and culture that I found in the Japanese popular Anime show “Black Clover” for my rehab. The Star Festival is coming up! And the captain Yami dressed up for it. I see some kanji here on his outfit. What does the Japanese Kanji Word on Yami’s Festival Outfit Mean? It says “暴れ牛 (abareushi)”. This is a noun that stuck two words together. 暴れる(aba-reru: Go Wild, Rampage, Rage) + 牛(ushi: Cow, Bull, Cattle) If you watch this show in Japanese with a subtitle, you may notice that …

Japanese kanji meanings Black Clover

New Japanese Kanji Shirt Poll Results 5

New Japanese Kanji Shirt Poll #5: Nov.16 – Dec.31, 2018  The No.1 popular kanji in this time is… “反抗期 (Rebellious Phase)”! Oh, my goodness!!! The formar No.3 jumped up to the No.1!!! Thank you for voting, everybody! …Wow, this happened last time too the No. 3 rose to the occasion again. And now the No.1 and the No.2 got even closer. The difference was only 1 vote!! I am proud to announce officially “Rebellious Phase” will come out in the KansaiChick Japanese Kanji Shirt Collection! (Please give me some more time to make the last winner “Strongest” shirt before that.) The No.2 goes to “無敵 (Invincible)”…AGAIN. ((‘Д’)) What a tragedy …

New kanji shirt poll result

Why does the Pronunciation of Japanese Kanji Change When Reading Names?

I think the Japanese language is difficult. Even when we master certain things like some pronunciations and meanings of kanji, that knowledge might not be useful every time when we read Japanese. So, let’s learn about it together! I share a kanji question from a follower today! (*’▽’) Why do these changes happen in certain japanese surnames? 矢 (ya) + 島 (shima) = 矢島 Yajima 赤 (aka) + 川 (kawa) = 赤川 Akagawa 目 (me) + 黒 (kuro) = 目黒 Meguro 尾 (o) + 田 (ta) = 尾田 Oda Wow, that is a great question!! I guess so many people learning the language are wondering why. (@_@)?? The Answer is …

Japanese Kanji Shirt Black Friday Deal!! 2018

Best Deal of the Year! Don’t miss this Black Friday Sale!! From Baby’s bodysuit to Woman’s Zip-Up Hoody, all items in our shop will be more than 30% off! This is the best deal of the year and for 3 days only! After this Black Friday Sale, KansaiChick will have 20% off for the rest of the holiday season.(ends Dec.15) Order Minimum Amount and Get Delivery Free! When you order $45 or more ($80 or more for the international orders), shipping fee will be free!! This free delivery offer will continue during the Holiday Season Sale. Free Shipping Code: FREESHIP11f79aec By the way, usually it takes 1 or 2 weeks to get …

Japanese Kanji T-Shirt Shop Black Friday

New Japanese Kanji Shirt Poll Results 4

New Japanese Kanji Shirt Poll #4: Oct.1 – Nov.15, 2018  The No.1 popular kanji in this time is… “最強 (Strongest)”! Thank you for voting, everybody! This kanji word “最強” finally did it! It jumped up to the No.1 from the 3rd place!! Now officially “Strongest” will come out next in the KansaiChick Japanese Kanji Shirt Collection! Then, the No.2 was “無敵 (Invincible)”…again. o(‘Д’)o But 無敵 is doing great and it was so close to the No.1 for a while. I can imagine it will be the top next time…but we need to be careful! The No.3 is right behind it! The No.3 was “反抗期 (Rebellious Phase)”. Personally I like this …

New kanji shirt poll result

Secret of Katakuri’s Move: Japanese Culture in “One Piece”

I love mochi! Some people call it “Rice Cake” and it’s basically smashed sweet sticky rice. Mochi is a common food in Japan and there are many traditional mochi sweets and mochi dishes. By the way, why am I talking about mochi? Because I got an interesting question from a follower. Why did Katakuri put an orange on Mirror Mochi? Katakuri is a certain type of starch that Japanese people use for cooking. And also Katakuri is the name of Anime character for One Piece! Obviously the author named him after the starch. Well, thank you so much for the question!! …It doesn’t seem to be a question about Japanese …

Japanese culture in Anime
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