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Before Getting A Tattoo: Let’s Choose the Right Kanji! 4

The people, who are good at observing, often notice the small differences between the same kanji symbols. Especially when you are getting a tattoo, you may want to know why there are the differences. Today I’ll share a question from a follower like this. I want to get “Lone Wolf” in Japanese kanji tattooed but I see two different versions that are extremely similar. Can you help me and let me know which one is accurate? I see! They are written in the 2 different fonts. Both of them are fine! If I would get the tattoo, I’ll pick B though. Because it looks more proper for me, and I like …

Before Getting A Tattoo: Let’s Choose the Right Kanji

Before Getting A Tattoo: Let’s Choose the Right Kanji! 3

Translating a metaphor may be difficult. Because sometimes it doesn’t make any sense when you translate it  literally in other language. How about this case? Let’s see the question from a follower. I was wondering if you could help me translate a phrase for a tattoo idea I have. The original phrase is “If you look for the light, you can often find it. If you look for the darkness, it is all you will ever see.” I’d like to get a small, personal tattoo summarizing the first half of that phrase — “Look for the light.” Google translates that to 光を探す. Ohhhh, that’s a nice phrase! I get that …

check the meaning of kanji before getting the tattoo

Before Getting A Tattoo: Let’s Choose the Right Kanji! 2

Translating language is very tough. Even dictionaries say wrong sometimes. So, it’s tough decision to have a tattoo in foreign language.(@_@;) I got a question from a follower like this. I want to get the right Japanese Kanji for “arrogant god” in order to have a tattoo.  All I could really figure out so far was “傲慢な神” which google translate gave me. OK! Hmmm, if there were a Japanese arrogant god, I could translate the word to his name or something, but I couldn’t find any. Sorry! (+_+) Then, 傲慢な神 is the one. Good job, Google! This time, its translation is right! 傲慢(gouman):Arrogance 傲慢な(gouman-na):Arrogant 神(kami): God You might want to …

Is This Word Japanese? What Does It Mean?

Do you know Japanese “Romaji”? Romaji is the pronunciation of Japanese characters written in the alphabet. Japanese people use “Romaji” when they want to write Japanese words in alphabet. However, when Japanese words are written using the alphabet, it might be tough for you to tell if they are Japanese words or not. I received a question from a follower like this. Is “IBARRA” or “IBARA” Japanese name? If so, what does it mean? OK, leave it to me! (*’▽’)☆ First of all, there is no Japanese word “Ibarra”, but “Ibara” makes sense! Ibara can be written in Japanese like:いばら, イバラ, 棘, 茨, 荊. Basically all of them mean “Thorn“. …

meaning of Japanese kanji

Japanese Kanji Shirt: What Does This Mean?

So many people love Japanese kanji shirts! But it’s tough for foreigners to figure out what the kanji means when they find one on the shirt. No worries! KansaiChick is here for help!(*’▽’)☆ What does my kanji shirt say? I want to make sure it doesn’t say anything negative. OK, leave it to me!(*´▽`*) I see “桃”,”JUICE”, and “フレッシュフルーツジュ(ース)”. 桃(momo) means “Peach”! As the illustration shows, 桃 JUICE is “Peach Juice”. フレッシュフルーツジュース(huressyu huruutsu juusu) is actually “English” words written in Japanese Katakana script. The Japanese way to pronounce the words may make you confused, but this Katakana words are “Fresh Fruits Juice”. Good news! There are no negative words! Well, …

meaning of kanji on the shirt

Before Getting A Tattoo: Let’s Choose the Right Kanji!

Hello, Kanji tattoo fans! We can check meanings of kanji online today, but it’s tough to choose the right one from dictionary. Plus, the sample designs online often have wrong translations. ((+_+)) Please be careful! Today, I’ll answer the question about a tattoo! (*’▽’)☆ The kanji is supposed to go on a wrist and be a reminder of “kindness” or to be kind to others. I have a few variations I found that have to do with “kindness”. Which are here: Thank you for contacting KansaiChick! OK, let me see…the top kanji 恩(on) means more like “the kindness that you received from others”. Then, the second one 恵(megumi) contains meanings …

check the meaning of kanji before getting the tattoo

What Does This Kanji on My Shirt Mean?

Hello, kanji shirt fans! Some people tend to choose kanji for its appearance. But you may be interested in figuring out the meanings, when there are some kanji happened to be printed on your favorite shirt. I’ll answer a question from a kanji shirt owner today! I got a new shirt and this kanji is on it. I already figured out that the second one means “fire”, but what is the first symbol? Thank you for contacting KansaiChick! 着火(chakka) means “Ignition”, or I can say it “Setting Fire”. The first kanji 着 contains meanings like “Wear”, “Put on”, and “Arrive”. Then, as you figured, the second one 火 means means …

meaning of kanji on shirt

I Want to Have a Japanese Kanji Pseudonym

Making up an original Japanese name is very difficult. Does it sound natural enough as a “Japanese name”? Don’t the kanji symbols that I choose contain weird meanings? How do I know!? o(>_<)o Hmmm, it’s tough for me to answer everyone’s individual questions about creating their own names, but KansaiChick is here for help today! I hope this post will help everyone, who wants a Japanese name, get some understanding of the thought process you can follow to create a Japanese name. I was thinking up of a name of a Japanese pseudonym of mine as “a lazy little pig” or build a pun around it. Would you help me? Thank …

how to make a Japanese name

Secret of Kanji Names in Haikyu!!

In Japanese Anime shows, manga, or books, Kanji names often contain some information to explain the characters. But those things get usually lost in translation. Today I share what Japanese people can notice about 2 sets of duo in “Haikyu!!”. Hinata Shoyo and Kageyama Tobio Hinata Shouyou(Shoyo)日向 翔陽 and Kageyama Tobio 影山 飛雄 are the main characters of Haikyu!!. Many people will think “These two are in contrast.” when they watch this show…and YES they are! Hinata’s family name “日向” means “Sunny Place”. On the other hand, Kageyama is “影山”, which means “Shadow Mountain”. I can imagine the happy bright sunlight and the dark side of the mountain together. lol …

meaning of kanji name in anime

Meaning of Kanji on Jersey in “Yowamushi Pedal”

Hi, Kanji fans! I’ll share a question from a follower about the popular Japanese Anime show “Yowamushi Pedal” today. I like that show too!(*’▽’)☆ The jerseys in Yowamushi Pedal often have Japanese characters on them.  I was wondering if you could translate them. OK! Yes, I can! Thank you for the question and the nice pictures! They help me a lot.(*´Д`) Well, those kind of jerseys usually say their school names, company names, team names, and so on. I received 3 pictures this time, and I see all those names are their school’s that related to the school location. It seems that high schools are named after their location, just …

meaning of Japanese kanji in Yowamushi Pedal
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