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Myojo Ippeichan Yomise-no-Yakisoba instant noodles Reviews

Ippeichan Yomise-no-Yakisoba is one of the most popular instant noodle bowls, that anyone can buy at a super market or convenience store, which began in 1995. This is non-soup type of instant noodle, so we drain out the pre-boiled water before we add the included seasonings into it. The bowl is a square container, and always comes with special mayonaise for topping. The pouch of mayo is very well-designed, so anybody can squeeze out nice thin mayo lines for the topping easily. Table of Contents Ippeichan Yomise-no-Yakisoba Trivia Why did they name it Ippeichan? What is Yomise? What is Yakisoba? How to make Ippeichan Yomise-no-Yakisoba Open the Lid Half Way …

How to Take Care of the Bamboo Whisk for Matcha

Are you enjoying Matcha green tea every day? I bet some of Matcha lovers got the little bamboo whisk to make Japanese traditional foamy Matcha. In this page, we’ll see how to take proper care of the whisk. Table of Contents How to take out the Bamboo Whisk from the box  How to avoid breakage of the Bamboo Whisk  How to clean the Bamboo Whisk  Related Video  How to take out the Bamboo Whisk from the box Was your brand new Bamboo Whisk stuck in the box? Don’t worry that is normal! The bamboo whisk is very delicate, so manufactures usually glue it on the inside of the box to …

brand new Bamboo Whisk for Matcha

Culinary Grade VS Ceremonial Grade: Do different grades of Matcha taste different?

Culinary Grade and Ceremonial Grade, do those 2 grades of Matcha taste different? Yes! Absolutely different. By comparing the two grades of Matcha manufactured by the same company, Ceremonial Grade Matcha is sweeter than Culinary Grade Matcha. But I’m not sure if everyone loves Ceremonial Grade Matcha more than Culinary Grade Matcha. Especially, considering that Ceremonial Grade Matcha is far more expensive than Culinary Grade Matcha. When comparing the two grades of Matcha from the same manufacturer, Ceremonial Grade Matcha tastes more mild and delicate than Culinary Grade Matcha. Culinary Grade Matcha has a strong kick of bitterness. Taste Check #1: the Japanese Traditional Way First, I prepared each of them …

iced matcha latte

How to make “Japanese Glove Puppet”

Let’s make a cute “Japanese Glove Puppet” and impress kids! Watch the video and learn how to make it. This is a great winter activity for holiday season. Share your first JGP photo with friends! *CAUTION* Be careful not to damage your gloves! Step 1: Choose the Gloves When choosing your gloves make sure they have a little stretch to them. Place them down and pick either one to start. You can choose left or right either way is fine and it wont change the outcome. Step 2: Turn a Glove Inside Out Take the glove you choose and turn it inside out but do not pull out the finger tips. …

Japanese Life Hack Top: How to Make Japanese Glove Puppet

How to Compare Matcha Green Tea Powder

There are so many Matcha green tea powders on the market! Do you understand how to choose the right Matcha for you? Here are useful topics and information on how to compare Matcha products. Table of Contents the REAL definition of Matcha Is your Matcha real? the Only Ingredient of real Matcha Difference between Culinary Grade and Ceremonial Grade Matcha Taste Nutrients Price Package Color Texture the Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea  Effects of Theanine Effects of Catechin Related Videos  the REAL definition of Matcha Is your Matcha real? Do you truly know what Macha(抹茶) is? Is the Matcha in your hand REAL Matcha? …Maybe NOT! Shockingly, they say that …

Ceremonial Grade Matcha and Culinary Grade Matcha

Glico “Pocky” Chocolate Biscuit Stick Review

Pocky is a classic popular snack in Japan since 1966. It’s a very thin biscuit stick covered with chocolate. There is a description on the box, that says “chocolate cream covered biscuit sticks”. Yeah, I say that’s basically right. The “cream” stays solid as long as you store it in cool temperature. The top end is bare, so it’s easy to pick up, hold and bite it. Its maker Glico has always released so many different versions of it. Of course other companies have copied this idea and today so many imitations exist, but THIS IS the original to the best of my knowledge. Table of Contents Pocky Trivia Why …

Where is Kansai?

I picked the name Kansai Chick for this project. Because I’m from Kansai(関西). Do you know where Kansai is? Maybe it’s around Kansai airport? Maybe it’s in somewhere west of Japan? Both of these answers are right! Kansai is NOT an official region name! Actually, Kansai is NOT an official region name! In Japan we use the word “Kansai” all the time, but nobody has the perfect answer which cities or areas belong to Kansai. Some definitions exist, but depending on who you talk to the answer varies. Where did the word “Kansai” come from? To explain that, I need to talk to you about Japanese regions. There are 8 …

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