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How to Revive Stale Rice Crackers

Rice crackers are yummy, but they go stale easily because of the humidity. In this page, you will learn how to revive stale crackers and let them get their crispy texture back.  Before deciding to toss away stale crackers, please try this trick! All you need is a microwave-safe plate and a paper towel. Step 1. Place the Rice Crackers Place the stale rice crackers along the edge of the microwavable plate. Don’t let them touch each other as possible and make sure leave the gap between crackers and plate. If you do so, the steam that will come out from crackers, will NOT get trapped between the plate and crackers. Placing …

How to Revive Stale Rice Crackers310

How to Make Lower Sodium Healthy Miso Soup

Miso Soup is a very healthy food that’s been proved by so many studies. But I bet that a lot of people didn’t bother trying it because of the high sodium content that’s contained in Miso Paste. In this page I’ll show you how to make lower sodium healthy Miso Soup. Table of Contents Why is Miso “Healthy Food” even if it’s Very Salty? How to Reduce Sodium of Your Miso Soup Use Natural Japanese Broth When Making Miso Soup Add More Ingredients and Make Less Soupy Add Potassium-rich Foods Cook Ingredients Before Adding Miso Paste Don’t Boil After Adding Miso Paste Related Videos Why is Miso “Healthy Food” even if it’s …

How to Make Japanese DASHI Broth Easily: Fish & Kelp Soup Stock

Boil water, add 2 ingredients and let it sit. Anybody can make a healthy Japanese traditional soup stock “Dashi” at home! Here are all details that will help you. Table of Contents What is Dashi? Ingredients for Rich Japanese Broth How to Find Good Niboshi (small dried sardines) How to Find Good Kombu (dried kelp) How to Make Japanese Dashi Broth Prepare Ingredients Boil Water and Add Ingredients Let it Sit Remove Fish and Kelp Related Videos What is Dashi? The word “Dashi(だし, 出汁)” means “extract”,”broth” or “soup stock” in Japanese. The soup stock used for Japanese Foods are mainly taken from Niboshi(にぼし,煮干,small dried sardines), Katsuo(かつお, 鰹, bonito), Kombu(こんぶ, 昆布, kelp) …

How to Make Japanese DASHI Broth Easily: Fish & Kelp Soup Stock

Freeze Green Onions Before They Go Bad!

Have you ever allowed green onions to decay accidentally? The best way to eat vegetable is to use it all when it’s fresh, because nutrition is lost as it gets old. But not everybody cooks everyday, so let’s freeze left over green onion! That’s definitely better than letting it rot. Yes! You can freeze green onion! It is very easy to make frozen green onions. Just wash, chop and freeze. Step 1. Remove Bad Parts If there are visibly bad parts of the green onions, remove them. Step 2. Wash and Dry Wash the green onions under running water and pat them dry with paper towel gently. Step 3. Chop …

You can freeze green onion like this!

How to keep supermarket sushi’s rice soft

Have you ever tried sushi at a supermarket outside of Japan? Unless it’s a country of full time fish eaters, it’s useless to complain about the quality of ingredients. But besides that, I am always frustrated with one thing. The rice is horribly HARD!! In this page, I will show you how to store sushi to keep the rice soft. Table of Contents What’s the correct temperature for sushi? How to store pre-made sushi How to revive the rice after too much refrigeration What’s the correct temperature for sushi? First of all, I need to make one point clear: Sushi is normally “room temperature” food! However, you find pre-made sushi …

nigiri and maki sushi

How to Take Care of the Bamboo Whisk for Matcha

Are you enjoying Matcha green tea every day? I bet some of Matcha lovers got the little bamboo whisk to make Japanese traditional foamy Matcha. In this page, we’ll see how to take proper care of the whisk. Table of Contents How to take out the Bamboo Whisk from the box  How to avoid breakage of the Bamboo Whisk  How to clean the Bamboo Whisk  Related Video  How to take out the Bamboo Whisk from the box Was your brand new Bamboo Whisk stuck in the box? Don’t worry that is normal! The bamboo whisk is very delicate, so manufactures usually glue it on the inside of the box to …

brand new Bamboo Whisk for Matcha

How to make “Japanese Glove Puppet”

Let’s make a cute “Japanese Glove Puppet” and impress kids! Watch the video and learn how to make it. This is a great winter activity for holiday season. Share your first JGP photo with friends! *CAUTION* Be careful not to damage your gloves! Step 1: Choose the Gloves When choosing your gloves make sure they have a little stretch to them. Place them down and pick either one to start. You can choose left or right either way is fine and it wont change the outcome. Step 2: Turn a Glove Inside Out Take the glove you choose and turn it inside out but do not pull out the finger tips. …

Japanese Life Hack Top: How to Make Japanese Glove Puppet
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